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Jaakko Pöntinen

Ok, here goes.

I followed the Codex’ instructons (Changing Your Domain Name and URLs). I didn’t go into MySQL to export my database because I knew I had forgotten the DB password. I used a backup plugin to make a DB and file dump.

Next thing is to change the site/home URL of the WP installation and hit save, which naturally breaks the site in the old location.

Then comes the magical step: “Export your database again”. How? My site’s broken and changing the URLs back by editing Config and then dumping the DB with a plugin won’t help a damn thing since it’s not stored with the changed URLs but would just be the old DB again.

At this point is started to experiment with mysql directly, using mysqldump. Well, remember the part of the lost DB password? Ok, then I tried to follow Resetting Permissions to no avain. Mysqld either hangs or does nothing with the script provided. Also the MySQL service from services gives an error when I try to start it manually.

Still, Microsoft Webmatrix can load and handle databases. Ok. Maybe I’ll take a look there. (Note that I also cannot import the old database at this point, Webmatrix doesn’t give an option for such foolishness). Then I tried to make a new database connection by guessing what I’ve used as DB pass, which screwed up the existing credentials to the database.

And here I am. Just totally beaten. Following the Codex. And all I would have needed was Duplicator. Bah.

– Jaakko Pöntinen

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