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Jaakko Pöntinen

That duplicator thing sure looks appetizing, it’s not mentioned in the Codex, though. Moving WordPress. I’m kind of befuddled now, why go though the techy stuff so that you can do it all with a few clicks.

Not that I mind a few clicks but now my local installation is corrupted by me trying to make the mysql dump work, having forgotten the sql password and then trying to find out how to reset it only to find out that my mysqld.exe wont run and that there’s this crazy windows error that pops up when i try to start the mysql service from services and then i try to create a new password and user via Webmatrix only to end up in losing connection and the password to even the database which Webmatrix previously automatically accessed when running my local site.

Just crazy. I tried to troubleshoot the not-running mysqld.exe but the answers went so much beyond what I know that it was just like this endless swamp of half-correct questions asked by others and read-and-half-understood-answers.

Why can’t I export a database from Webmatrix when I’m looking at the damn thing? It just boggles the mind. Why should it ever not be so simple?

It’s a plot, I tell you. A plot. Against me.

Raaaagh rant rant rant rant

– JP

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