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Laura Brown

Hi Tom. Yes, I know about that much. I’ve got the thumbnail regenerate plugin from Viper set to go once I set the WP image settings to zero. I wanted to check in and disable any image resizing/ thumbnails from GP. That way I can run the regeneration plugin and (I’m hoping) a lot of the doubled images will get taken out. That will still leave the current problem with double images uploaded with a different file name… which has nothing to do with GP.

I’ve been working on this since the last big update for PressThis. Until then I did have the image stuff working ok. Anyway, I know you are super busy with a new baby and yet still come in here and help everyone on top of freelancing/ designing. I will fix one site and see if that fixes the images. If it works I will do the same on all of them.

I just wanted to know if I would need to disable image thumbnails with the GP theme as well as the Media Library settings in WP. If GP takes the settings from WP (for thumbnails) I won’t need to deal with any CSS editing.