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So why not add two checkboxes in this UI design?

1. to show/hide the design properties itselves (to save screen space) and
2. to show/hide certain sections on the online page –> I think about temporarily needed sections, so one can design the section and keep the over-all structure and design of that sections without losing it, when it should not be shown online (actually that section has to be deleted permanently). Or to have two different versions of content…

Further examples:

1. shops: sale activities – special temporary offers (structure stays, items can be replaced),
2. seasons activities: santa’s sleigh, x-mas trees (whatsoever),
3. we recently had a death in our registered association (and I’m afraid but sure it will happen again)! So I added a section with candles and text, that should be re-used the next time,
4. for testing purposes…

I’m sure, users will find other opportunities to use that feature… 🙂

Regards, Sven