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Hi Tom,

I actually found the time to get at that irritating problem…

I posted my problem in the WP support forum of “the-events-calendar”. So I followed the instructions at

I only had The-Events-Calendar-plug-in activated –> worked, blogroll ok!
I activated GP Premium (masonry activated) –> blogroll is messed up, left sidebar disappears, the right one is pushed below the posts!

I decativated “masonry” AND “colmuns” –> blogroll correct!

==> there is a conflict with masonry/columns and the “show-events-in-blogroll”-function of “the-events-calendar”-plug-in!

By deactivating either masonry/columns or “the-events-calendar” the blogroll works as expected (except false layout OR missing events).

(“masonry” OR “columns”) AND “show-events-in-blogroll” = blogroll mess

I really hope this information can help you to go for a solution? Please keep me updated…

Best regards,

P.S.: For that involvement perhaps a coffee for me? Just kidding… 😉