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Your suggested solution to add a featured image and add
.page-header-image-single {
display: none;

does not work.

(CAPS to emphasise not shouting!!)

I have a test page. with this code
<img src="" alt="Camden April 2016-0978" width="200" height="300" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-1649" />

I have a featured image.

The featured image does NOT show on the home page or the main page.

If I put <!–more–> in the post the featured image DOES NOT show up in the home page but the image in the post DOES.

I have had to revert to the current system.

Any ideas why <!–more–> has an influence on what is shown on the home page?

The current process is good – just need it to work without <!–more–> in the post.