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Hi Tom,

Sorry to bother you with this… I think it is very ieasy but I miss something 🙂

Just recently started playing with your theme (locally for now) and full GP Premium and now working on sections as well. I as well try to get a right side menu and have seen this topic where you mention you can activate sidemenus by using this code:

add_filter( 'generate_sections_sidebars','generate_enable_sections_sidebars' ); function generate_enable_sections_sidebars() { return true; }

I am sorry to ask but I have no idea where to put this code to get it activated. I tried it in GP hooks but no succes.

“issue” I have at the moment is that when creating a post sections set to off, I am able to make changes to the sidebar layout section but that functionality (menu) disappears when activating sections.

Maybe it helps if you have the version of the theme and plugins I am using now:
1. theme is version: 1.3.28
2. plugins are version: 1.2.81

PS. I really do like your theme and plugins up to now! Although I think it will take some time before i have seen everything that is possible as it is that much in the apckage you get 😉

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