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Hi Tom,

Thanks for pointing me to define( 'GP_IMAGE_RESIZER', true ); , but where do I put the code?

In the meantime, I should let you know what was preventing the grid view of the Media Library… two bits of code that I had added to my child theme’s functions.php file earlier in the day:

<!-- Strips More tag when Excerpt is used on post -->
function generate_disable_more_tag()
      return false;
<!-- End More tag -->
<!-- Add Previous Next buttons to bottom of Pages -->
<?php add_action( 'generate_after_content','generate_add_page_next_prev' );
function generate_add_page_next_prev()

      if ( ! is_page() )
<div class="prev-next">
previous_post_link( '<div class="nav-previous prev-next-button"><span class="prev" title="' . __('Previous','generate') . '">

%link</span></div>', 'Previous' );

next_post_link( '<div class="nav-next prev-next-button"><span class="next" title="' . __('Next','generate') . '">

%link</span></div>', 'Next' );
} ?>
<!-- End Previous Next buttons -->

Once I removed them, I was able to once again properly access the Media Library. However, I still do want to 1) strip the ‘More’ tag from posts when Excerpts are used and 2) add Previous and Next links at the bottom on PAGES.

Once I hear back from you as to where I need to add that bit of code you mentioned in your previous comment, I will add it and then add the code above back to functions.php to see if that helps.

If you see anything wrong with the way I’m handling the More tag and the Previous/Next on Pages, or with the PHP in general please let me know. You can find my entire functions.php file here: