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James Perkins

Thank you, Tom. As always you are fast and helpful. I really need to learn more about what I’m doing. I never thought of plugins for these issues, just because I find your theme to be so complete that I usually just assume I’m missing something – and usually something obvious.

Anyway, the login plugin was so easy even I could do it. As for getting it to float to the right, I haven’t managed that yet, but I was stabbing in the dark at the custom CSS. I managed to add a class to the two menu items in question, and I could see that it was referencing the class in the browser, but I couldn’t conjure up the CSS to make it work. Need to do some reading. While I was there, I did try to throw a social media icon on the menu with <i class=”fa fa-facebook”></i> and all I got was the nothing. Do I need to turn on font awesome somewhere?

Thanks again!