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Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for your response Tom. As I go through the examples I linked to and try and put my finger on specifics, I guess there’s nothing too exotic that stands out – maybe it was just the way everything worked together on them that gave them that premium look and feel.

In particular though, I liked the slider functionality on them that seems pretty slick, the social/instagram areas (widgets?) in the sidebar and in the footer, the various layouts available, and even just the way the posts look with the nice fonts and the title, date, etc.

Now that I write them out it does’t seem like anything overly special. It might be more the design aspects of those demo sites I really like vs. the theme specifics.

I guess I was just wondering though if it’s able to generate blog sites that look and feel very similar to those with GeneratePress…without a significantly greater amount of work than those themes would require?