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Steven McGregor

This is my second submission. My main web design businesses site has become a little heavy but I can’t do away with the info and it looks so nice. Anyway I decided to build a site for Google, and lead generation for the local market. #1 requirement… speed and jeez, GeneratePress is quick. After adding content and stripping away unnecessary frills I got a Pagespeed score of 90/100 without caching or minifying. Strangely all the caching, compression and minify plugins just slow the site. I haven’t quite got my head around that yet but I am 30% faster then my competitors so I am not complaining. So here it is:

I also changed my hosting provider for this one. My previous host was giving me a server response time of over 2 to 5 seconds and they couldn’t do anything about it. My new server response time is under 0.4 seconds. Hosting makes a huge difference and obviously a ridiculously fast theme.

Thanks Tom… more coffee on the way.