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Garth Dryland

Hi Tom

No the “Chartered Accountant” portion is actually the post title. The header which I have put in (h3) header tags (and I assume is the only way to make a header work as required for SEO) is “Accountant and Office Manager” and the post content is as follows;

Accountant and Office Manager I have known Ivana in a professional capacity since 2007. At that time Ivana was the Accounting and Office Manager for Control Contracts Limited, a role she held for 12 years. Ivana had sole responsibility for the general ledger, payroll, IRD, plus the Companies Office statutory onus and management of the … Read more…

I however tested what you suggested and I see exactly what you mean now. I like the result much better as it appears to put an anchor on the referred post so “read more’ flows on from where you left off from as opposed to going to the top of the page so you have to find where you left off.

The only issue that I have with this method is that the text I should see is hiding behind the Menu Plus floating menu. It would work perfectly if I hadn’t activated the Menu Plus floating menu feature.

Is there some CSS I can add to my CSS manager so that it will adjust the content down a bit making the text starts below the Menu Plus floating menu and not behind it, without creating visible white space on post?


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