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as far as CSS/coding… i’m just trying to understand how to use it.
i’d love to be able to have more control over how my content displays on my website (i.e. my Category title always aligns left and i’d like to center that; the category header header photo issue). at this point, i’m not even sure *where* to insert the code to manipulate things like that.

i know that Generatepress is really lightweight so there aren’t necessarily super easy options for a complete newbie like me. but i’d like to try to learn how to most effectively use Generatepress so that i can be happy with the results of my site. for the most part, i’m really happy with it, but i feel like i’ve been handed a bunch of tools w/ no instruction manual–(i realize that this might be more of a WP issue than a Generatepress issue.)
if you had any suggestions for how to get versed with the VERY basics of manipulating the coding for the site, i’d appreciate it. if it’s impossible to answer this question w/o me taking a class, just let me know.

irrespective, thanks for all of your help–i know it’s probably a little tough to answer questions for someone on the bottom of this learning curve like me.