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hi Tom,
i contacted BlueHost and they helped me out. phew!! i was worried i’ve have to rebuild everything.

in reference to learning CSS–i googled it already and it summarized my very basic understanding of it–that coding affects/manipulates the stuff on a page–-(it’s like a ‘computer-language’ that you input for desired effect), but i’m lost for where to insert those codes in Generatepress.
1) is there a tutorial for how to use it for generatepress or am i on my own for that? i think if i could understand this a bit better i’d be able to play around with the various possibilities and understand the content on the forums with greater clarity.

i still wanted to try to put up a different header photo for my different categories and wasn’t able to decipher how to do that. there were different options (using “Hooks”–which i didn’t understand at all; or using php–which caused my website meltdown–don’t really wanna do that again…)
2) soooo, in your opinion, what is the *simplest* way to do that?–i have the “Simple CSS” plug-in–which looks ‘simple’, and i’m wondering if i could do it from there?

3) finally, under ‘Menu Plus’ i used the ‘Slider Menu’–but the title for my Home page was something weird–“#2 (no title)”. i wanted to know how to fix that?

i’m coming close to just being ‘satisfied’ with how my site looks enough to launch–thanks for all of your help thus far. i’ve learned so much playing around with GP over the past few days!!

thanks again!