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oh noooo~~

i tried to use the forums for “Hooks” and added the suggested plug-in from this page:

but then i tried to edit the plug-in with some code you suggested to change the blog-header (found on the forum) and it completely SHUT DOWN my site. i tried to go backwards but it wouldn’t let me.

i’m freaked out b/c i was so close to ‘completion’ and now i can’t touch my site at all now. i have NO IDEA how to get it back up running. what am i supposed to do??

also, in reference to learning CSS–i googled it already and i have a VERY basic understanding of how coding affects/manipulates the stuff on a page–(it’s like a ‘computer-language’ that you input for desired effect), but i’m lost for where to insert those codes in generatepress. is there a tutorial for how to use it for generatepress or am i on my own for that?

i’m probably not going to touch the coding again after this, but i’d still like to try to understand…

PLEASE HELP get my site back up and running!!–or can you direct me to whom i could talk to??–is this a WordPress/Generatepress/BlueHost(my domain people) issue?