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Hi David,

For what it’s worth, I have 32 sites and have been building with WordPress for 10 years and have never found a “minify” plugin that doesn’t break my sites (at least partially).

The problem is mostly with javascripts being improperly terminated when combined with other scripts. When a minify plugin combines .js files, they usually try to combine multiple .js files in to one. If there are multiple instances of the same function or call, then there is a conflict which breaks the site.

Also, the .js or .css files that are needed for your site to display, are often not found after the minify plugin combines them. I wouldn’t minify it. A cache is just as good or better (some plugins do both).

I’m sure Tom will have some quality input on this, but I use Generatepress because it is feature rich *without* adding 25 plugins to get the look and feel I want. I know that isn’t an answer, but with the small footprint of GP sometimes less is more. Meaning, no minify is needed on the 3 sites I have built with GP, my pagespeed is great, and I reduced page bloat by an average of 1000 lines of HTML code compared with my old themes/plugins – Now that’s minified 🙂

Good luck!