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hi Tom,
thanks so much for all of your help and follow up. i’ve gotten some stuff done on my site, but i’m realizing how steep the learning curve is here… i’ve got a few more questions…

1) i have a VERY VAGUE understanding of CSS and html… i downloaded the Simple CSS plug-in, but i have NO IDEA how to utilize it. i looked up different things on the web and the forums, but everyone already appears to understand how to use CSS and html. where do i put the code to manipulate the elements i want? does it ALL go in one spot? or do i put code in different places for different items (i.e. sidebar menus, header photos, etc…).

****is there a crash course tutorial for this?

2) also, i’m a little confused about page headers. i came across your “generate page header” vid ( in your knowledgebase and i really liked the effects. however, i tried to change the header photo for that “Category”, but was having trouble.

for example

2 a) i wanted my header photo above my “Category” content/posts/side menus, make the photo go from edge to edge across the page, and utilize the parallax effect–but couldn’t do either 🙁 can you help me??–does this effect only work when there’s text on the header?

2 b) ***what is the best way to do that and get a header photo above my aggregated “Category” posts? should i be putting them into “Pages” instead of “Posts”?–BUT if i do that, can i make it so that i don’t have to create a visible button for the menu sub-item?

3) finally, i was looking up different ways to manipulate my homepage and came across a post where i saw that:

3 a) the menu was transparent at first, but when you scrolled it became opaque like this one:

can you tell me how to do that?

3 b) i also wanted to put a logo of some kind on that menu bar (like on the far left side)… how do i do that?

i hope my questions make sense!
thanks for your help!!