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Where you indicate to place the code in “Inside Header Content”.
I don’t see that section in GP Hooks.

I’ve placed the HTML is placed in “Before Header Content”.

It actually doesn’t matter where the block of code is placed as it was tried in the 4 header sections
The same odd behavior occurred.

What seems to have worked is a lot of trial and error in the CSS.
I found the class in the GP parent theme and added this to the Child:

.site-logo {
	display: block;

.site-logo:hover {
	display: inline-block;

When the display properties were both inline-block, the hover state logo would occasionally appear below the regular state logo by the 200px height of the regular state image.

Making the display values different stopped it.
This might be considered a rough hack, as my CSS knowledge is basic.

Since adding it, I’ve been trying to “break” the logo but it seems atable.
Works in the 3 browsers and looks fine in mobile.

Perhaps you’ll know why this is working.