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hi Tom!
items 2-4 have been resolved–all those things worked like a charm!! thanks so much for your prompt reply!

but i’m still a little lost about the categories and organizing the posts…

what i’ve done is create a menu named “Primary”. then i’ve added my pages (my topics) to that menu (which have turned into tabs/buttons on my page–this is great!).

following that, i’ve put other pages as sub-items that can be linked to from that button–which has worked great.

BUT, when you talk about adding categories to the menu, are you meaning to just add a sub-item that people *must* click on to access the articles/material from that topic?
b/c i’d like the option (for let’s say–my blog) to just click and get to the most recent posts.

am not using this function correctly?

thanks for the clarity~