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Hi Tom,
After a bit of searching here, I found that Sophia asked the question I’d been seeking an answwer to.

Didn’t see a GP Hooks area named “Inside Header Content” so I took a guess and added the HTML to Before Header Content.

It worked perfectly for initial placement of the regular state, however, on the mouseover, the hover-state image appears aligned below the regular state image, shifted exactly the height of the image.
In this case 200px.

Tried applying different position elements but the only thing that was partially successful was using a negative margin-top value.

There’s probably a much more elegant way to achieve the desired result.

I’m just happy to have found the solution to the issue of getting the header images to appear.
That being, how to overide the Customizer.

Now it’s only a matter of getting them to appear in perfect alignment.

Header hover image

Mobile displays the opposite results.

The hover state image appears about half the height of the regular state image but above it.

If it’s of any use, the images are both w=600px x h=200px.

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