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Jaakko Pöntinen


doing research it seems that control over HTML table style has been largely transferred from HTML to CSS. What the heck do I do now, since CSS is not allowed in the BPH content editor?

Now my code looks as follow:

<table width=”100%” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ border=”0″ align=”center” bgcolor=””>

<tr bgcolor=””>
<td width=”33%”></td>
<td width=”34%” align=”right”>[widget id=”slideshowwidget-2″]</td>
<td width=”33%” align=”right”>[widget id=”slideshowwidget-3″]</td>


This all works, but there’s no controlling the style almost whatsoever. Even the cellspacing, cellpadding etc variables are not accepted because of HTML5, if I’ve understood correctly.

– Jaakko Pöntinen

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