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Hi Tom,

wow, the menu seems to be working now, thanks!!!

The issue resulting from this however is that the internal links accessed through the body of the page 1. don’t have the smooth scroll function now (only by accessing through the nav-menu), and 2. when clicking the links on the body, the navigation pane covers the header (e.g. when I click on the “Library” icon in Section 2 I am taken down to the “Organisationsberatung” section, however the navigation menu covers the header).

In the ESS settings I could enter an off-set to account for this. You seem to also have included some sort of off-set when accessing from the nav-menu, as the issue is not as pronounced (the header can be read, however the icon is still covered by the nav-menu). So, my final questions would be:

1. Is it possible to include smooth scrolling like you’ve implemented in the menu also in the body links while retaining your awesome menu-solution?
2. If yes or no, how would I off-set the margin now covered by the navigation menu when accessing through body-links?
3. Can the off-set when accessing through the nav-menu be increased a bit to show the icon at the top of each section?

When all this is done, I’ll have to buy you a very large cappuccino 🙂