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Richard Robinson

Hi Tom,

Still can’t get the conventional nav bar menu…

Here’s what I did:
1. Deactivated Menu Plus (Appearance >GeneratePress > GP Premium 1.2.79 > selected deactivate)
2. In Appearance Menus, selected Pages and clicked Add to Menu (already done, so Removed each)
3. In Menu Structure, dragged each page title to order of navigation on nav bar and clicked Save Menu and Visited Site. Still Menu bars and word “Menu”
4. Clicked “Manage in Customizer” (Customizing > Menus > MainNav) > added “About” and dragged into order place, Removed “Blog,” added Contact and dragged into order (Home, Services, About, Successes, Contact). Clicked Save & Publish. Clicked Preview and got what don’t want again – Menu bars and word “Menu.”

What should I do now?