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Mary Pearson

Hi Tom,

Sorry that I didn’t explain better. I believe I know how to create new menus and assign them to different places, however they way I have done it (which I believe is correct) is not being reflected of what I created.

Primary Menu is good.
Secondary Menu is a repeat of primary menu (All Links) when it should be footer menu 1 (Secondary Menu) and the only links should be Social Group, Theological Discussions and Discussions about being LGBT.

It is called footer menu 1 because I originally tried to put it in Footer Widget 1, but it didn’t work. Instead it showed ALL links, as it is doing now in the Secondary Menu position. The same thing happened with footer menu 2, 3, 4 and 5 when placed in Footer Widget 2, 3, 4, and 5. They all show ALL links if I use Custom Menu.

The links you see in Footer Widget 1 are not Custom Menu links. They are text links using a text box in Footer Widget 1.

footer menu 5 was supposed to go into Footer Widget 5, but instead it showed ALL links, not the footer menu 5 links, which is just Daytona Beach Group, Bikers Group and Moderators. When it wouldn’t work in Footer Widget 5 I tried it as Slide-Out, however it doesn’t slide out anywhere.

Does this explain better?