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Hi Tom,

I see from your previous reply that you say not to worry when using ‘sections’ within GP resulting in the Yoast SEO plugin flagging a body text score of zero. I have passed on these wise words to clients when they flag this problem. However, they get very attached to using Yoast to build and monitor their SEO and it is proving difficult to convince them that all is well. I’ve now had someone trying to get their business by rubbishing GP as the parent theme choice and siting the Yoast plugin as an example of incompatibility. I know this is untrue but it is very difficult to argue against?

The plugin ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ had a similar problem, which was addressed by also installing the ‘NS Custom Fields Analysis for WordPress SEO’ plugin. I wondered whether something similar might be done to enable GP and Yoast to play nice together and remove client anxieties?