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Hi there,

Blog – Post Image

1. Actually, you should have to set it to 9999 – this is a WordPress thing. I’ll see if I can get that to happen automatically.

2. This is intended behavior – the post image settings are only supposed to apply to the blog excerpts, as the single post page header is handled by the page header add-on and can be manipulated using that add-on. A lot of users are using this system now with success, so if I made that change I would get a wave of unhappy users coming at me who updated and saw changes on their site.

To set the sizing on individual posts and pages, you can use the Page Header add-on.

Page Header Image

1. To resize proportionally, just leave the height as 0. That will resize the image to the desired width while maintaining the aspect ratio.

2. Maybe the language here needs to change to “proportional” – if no height is set, the image will keep the aspect ratio of the image based on the width, but still show the full image. This is good for users who don’t want to hard crop (soft crop).

Deleting images from the server is tricky and requires permissions and other things. It’s a good idea to keep your uploads folder clean.

If I could do it again – I wouldn’t even provide a resizing mechanism for the page headers, I would suggest the user uses the “Edit Image” function within the media library to resize, crop etc.. It provides much more control than what I can do with a few settings.

I agree with you though – the Page Header add-on is in need of a completely rebuild/makeover.

I’m in the process of readying our next major update – once those updates are out, I’ll be rebuilding Sections and Page Header to be more user friendly than they are now.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas! They’ll help me make it a much better add-on 🙂