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Geraldine Carter

Hi Tom,
I read through this post, the one about anchor links (how you have to link to the anchor ID, rather than the anchor name), and Guillaume’s reply listing this possibility: http://www.jeriffcheng.com/wordpress-plugins/easy-smooth-scroll-links.

I sort of follow, but putting it all together is a bit past my skill set.

What I am looking for is the same as the person above:
“Then as you scroll through the sections, the menu items highlight depending on each section?”
–> the highlighting is not needed that much. what i need is when i click the menu
item, it scrolls down to the corresponding area.
I too don’t need the highlighting that much. (If it’s easy, great, if it’s not easy, it’s not that important.)

Can you lay out the steps?

Multiple coffees headed your way for this one. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you’re not working 🙂