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Hi Tom, I tried several options listed above. What I am trying to do is attach two images in the Blog posts that are constant when a blog post is created. I used GP hooks throughout the site on all the pages with PHP in GP hooks. If you notice in the Blog page there is a “paper edge image that rests on top of the post content area. Above that a to line bar that should reside under the nave as in the other pages. I added the paper edge (top) in the Blog header but two things, it’s not contained and of course not consistent each time a blog is posted. I tried to insert the maroon two line image under the nav by using PHP in GPhooks but does not show: GPHooks/After Header

<?php if ( in_category( ’4’ ) ) : ?>

<?php endif; ?>
the paper edge image: GPHooks/Inside Content Container

<?php if ( in_category( ‘4’ ) ) : ?>

<?php endif; ?>

You can see what I am talking about here: provinciawebdesign.com/client/ditp/blog
I still need to adjust the left sidebar.

is using GPHooks not the right direction or should it be css just for the posts. The pages worked great.

Thanks Tom, any help is appreciated.