GP Premium 1.8.0

WooCommerce WooCommerce was a big focus of ours in this update. We’ve added new features, and improved existing ones. We’ve also improved the design in some areas. Menu Mini Cart You can now add a mini cart to your cart …

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GP Premium 1.7.8

GP Premium 1.7.8 has just been released. This update removes code in the Site Library that was extending a class in Elementor. This code was used to automatically replace image URLs once an Elementor site was imported. Elementor is contemplating …

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GeneratePress 2.2.2

GeneratePress 2.2.2 is a minor release with various small bug fixes. New: Add support for responsive embeds (videos etc..) Fix: Background/text color conflict in block editor if content background is using rgba Fix: Remove aria-expanded attribute from menu dropdown arrows …

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GP Premium 1.7.7

This release fixes a bug inside the Site Library that was preventing content from importing on servers using a PHP version less than 7.2.


GP Premium 1.7.6

This is a bug fix release with various bug fixes from WP 5.0/5.0.1. Elements: Hide Add New button when opening saved Element with no type Sections: Show page title in Gutenberg when Sections are active Sections: Fix relative image URLs …

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GeneratePress 2.2.1

This update has a couple small fixes for issues introduced in GeneratePress 2.2. Fix: Change h4-h6 margin-bottom back to 20px Fix: Prevent content link option from applying to block editor button Tweak: Change dropdown menu arrow role when no menu …

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GP Premium 1.7.5

GP Premium 1.7.5 has been released. This update contains some fixes for bugs introduced in 1.7.4. Colors: Improve block editor button color preview Menu Plus: Mobile menu items hidden behind content with higher z-index when sticky Menu Plus: Prevent mobile …

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GP Premium 1.7.4

This is a quick update that goes hand in hand with GeneratePress 2.2. Colors: Fix navigation live color preview issues Colors: Move navigation parent item title down in Customizer Elements: Allow slashes in hook names General: Fix smooth scroll anchor …

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GeneratePress 2.2

GeneratePress 2.2 is a very big feature release. Not only does it boast full compatibility with Gutenberg, but it includes lots of new free features built to save you time! Gutenberg Gutenberg is the current project name for the future …

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GP Premium 1.7.3

While most of the changes in this update are bug fixes, we did add a feature. We opted to include this feature sooner than later to avoid any future issues. Multiple Layout Elements per Condition You’ll now be able to …

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